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I just got an old iMac G3 Slot Loading and am trying to install OS X 10.4. I just swapped the HDD and RAM for something bigger, so there's absolutely no operating system on thisI found the files on the Apple site, however, I have no idea how I can install the files if I have no operating system to boot from.

Macs Only! Apple Macintosh, PowerBook, iBook & iMac News It started out as an in-house tool, but it’s such a useful thing to have that the decision was made to release it publicly as freeware, and to include the source code with the download. Duo Digital Frame | Applefritter Frankly, for that money, I'd rather have an iBook. How to find laptop serial number | Android Tips & Tricks

Mar 05, 2006 · I need an online manual for replacing a power supply in a G3/iMac slot loading machine. Optional Information: - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist. Here is a graphic tutorial on how to take apart the case of a G3 imac slot load.

iMac G3 (tray loading) | ancientelectronics Way back in Jan of 2016 I wrote an article on the slot loading iMac G3.This time we’re going to take a look at the original Bondi blue “tray loading” iMac G3 and see how this iconic computer that is often times referred to as “the Mac that saved Apple” compares to its later “slot loading” revision. iMac G3 24x CD-ROM Drive - 661-2076 661-2224 Slot-loading (M5521) iMac G3 15.0" 700MHz G3 (M5521) - Mid 2001 M8510LL/A ... We have a large selection of free take apart and installation guides on our repair guide ... SOLVED: Blueberry iMac with slot-loading CD rom drive will ... G3 Blueberry iMac with slot-loading CD rom drive will not eject the CD. The drive whirs and tries to eject but the CD will not come out. Holding the mouse button down does not work, no hole for a paperclip, normal eject will not work. Do I need to complete take apart the iMac in order to remove the CD? Thanks for any help. How to Disassemble & clean a white Apple iMac keyboard ...

Jul 7, 2004 ... Apple iMac (Revision A - original model) disassembly. ... The Revision A has a tray loading CD Drive rather than a slot loading CD/CDRW/DVD ...

How do you get a operators manual for the iMac G3

Apple did a great job designing, marketing, and branding the iMac, but they also created a big problem – knowing which iMac you own or are looking to buy on the used market. There are now four basic iMac designs: the original G3 iMacs with CD-ROM trays, the newer G3 iMacs with slot-loading drives ...

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How To Take Apart the iMac 21.5" - A1418 - This video will show and explain how to take apart the 2012 21.5" iMac A1418.It just SUCKS how hard it is to replace the harddrive in this iMac. despite what is said in this video: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE FAN in order to remove the harddisk! SOLVED: How do I take apart my imac? - Fixya | Loading

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